The village of is located in Andhra Pradesh, India which has 322 houses with 1500 people in the village. Previously the only water source is government provided tap water, which is only usable for washing and bathing. The water storage tank is not clean. The water runs to the community just half an hour in the morning only. However further down the water line the villagers live, they will receive less water. Actual availability time is much less. In addition to this, when the electricity is out, there is no water supply through the public tap. The villagers have to walk more than half kilometer to bring drinking water from where there is water available. A deep bore well with hand pump could serve this community with safe and protected drinking water all through the days.

There were over 100 men, women and children attending this dedication and the excitement level was really high and we spent quite a bit of time sharing God’s love with the people and encouraging them to grow in their faith and work towards serving those in surrounding areas with acts of love and compassion. Thanks to the generosity of The Humankind water, USA these people are enjoying a hand pump bore well which will supply the drinking water needs for those in this community.