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We're always looking for passionate individuals to join with us in our mission to provide clean water worldwide. In addition to our water sales, Humankind also has its "sister" 501c3, the The Kind Human Foundation, formerly called "Give 100" because, unless specifically designated for overhead, 100% of your donation goes directly to water projects around the world, and the due diligence to see to it that they are properly installed and maintained. The Kind Human Foundation exists so that any individual who doesn't wish to buy Humankind Water, but does want to help, can do so and get a tax deduction through monetary donations. 

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Able to donate your time instead? Join us on a Humankind Vision Trip!

Come with us! We have incredible, powerful experiences every time we take fans of Humankind with us on one of our trips to provide philanthropy around the world. Your worldview will expand, your level of compassion for the poorest of the poor will grow, and always, always, despite some of the truly heavy scenes we witness, we invariably have fun!