Water – The World's Biggest Problem

Nearly one billion people on this spinning planet lack access to safe drinking water. That’s one person in seven. Half of the hospital beds in the world are filled with someone either sick or dying from lack of clean water or sanitation.

Exact figures are debated… but somewhere around 4,000 children will die today for no other reason than lack of clean drinking water, making that ugly fact the single biggest cause of preventable death among children in the world today.

We're based in Philadelphia. That means enough children will die this week from waterborne illness to fill every seat in our football stadium. And that’s just the children.

In Haiti, for example, nobody could have done anything to prevent the earthquake, or the countless loss of lives which followed seconds later. But most folks don’t realize that the already deplorable lack of clean drinking water and decent sanitation got even worse in the months that followed the quake.  As if the country hadn’t suffered enough, the earthquake was followed by an outbreak of Cholera– a horrible, crippling illness which can take the lives of the very young and the elderly in just hours. Everybody knows about the earthquake. Few are aware of the thousands who lost their lives from Cholera in the months that followed. Lack of clean water kills more than all forms of violence in the world, including war.


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